The Heavy Duty Nailer Fit for Use and Abuse Projects

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Amazon ImageAre you into heavy duty construction jobs where your framing nailer is subject to constant use and abuse? Well, then have we got the tool that’s perfect for you. Designed for rugged and heavy duty, the BOSTITCH N89C-1 Coil Framing Nailer comes equipped with features that is sure to be able to take on any hard core task you bring it on to.


Don’t be fooled by the sturdy appearance of this nail framer as it’s disguised by a lightweight magnesium housing that’s easy to hold and a survivor of constant use and abuse on the job site. It also comes with aggressive wear guards that serve as protection from damage once used on abrasive surfaces.

With a patented push-button adjustable depth guide, you can quickly and conveniently set nails at your precise desired depth and for a clearer viewpoint, it also features an adjustable exhaust to steer away cast-off air away from your face and the task you’re working on.

Finally, with a driving power of 1,050 in./lbs., it accepts 15-degree coil framing fasteners from 2 inches to 3-1/2 inches (.099 – .148-inch shank). Operating at 70-120 psi, with a 1/4-inch NPT thread fitting, the NBC has a magazine that can hold up to 300 nails.

The Voice of the People

Active Voice:

  • Very strong, quick and predictable.
  • Works great and shoots with great power
  • Went through 2,000 nails without a jam or misfire.
  • Especially helpful is the extra trigger to convert the gun from a sequential to a single fire gun.
  • Feels well-balanced and much easier to work with in tight areas.
  • More compact and versatile than a stick nailer.
  • Uses the right size nails (shank thickness) for just about any job you can think of.
  • Easy to adjust how long the nail should go in the wood.

Passive Voice:

  • Heavy with full nail coils compare with stick nailer
  • Teeth could be bigger for easier toe nail
  • Shorter nail coils sometimes do not rotate properly in the box
  • Doesn’t set all nails sometimes in fast shooting applications
  • The bulk of the gun prevents you from nailing close to other objects.
  • There are two flanges that stick out the sides which prevent you from nailing at steep angles.

 To Whom this Product is Best Suited For

This framing nailer is definitely of good and helpful use to all serious contractors who are working on large or small scale projects especially those that entail heavy duty use. This product can also be of great advantage to first time DIYers as this tool can surely keep their weekend projects nailed everytime.


This product is a good innovation and its users couldn’t agree more as it comes with more positive reviews. Buying this product would be a prudent decision as it’s sure make a good partner in your construction or DIY projects.

How to Use a Framing Nailer

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Photo by bobbotron1 on Flickr

Photo by bobbotron1 on Flickr

If you are the designated handyman in the family, then you will have no doubt need to use a framing nailer every once in a while. This is because it is one of the most essential carpentry and home improvement tools. Knowing how to use this home building tool is not as important as knowing how to use it safely and efficiently. So, how exactly do you use a framing nailer?

This tool can actually be referred to as a nail guy or a framing gun. Its main purpose is to drive nails into a particular surface as needed. By using the framing nailer, you can forego ever having to use the usual hammer and nail. By using this tool, you can better avoid the painful smacking of your thumb with your hammer. And you can also make faster the carpentry process of framing walls, or even houses, for that matter. However, if and when this tool is used poorly, then there are a lot of risks and hazards awaiting you.

To avoid injuries, you first need to know the types of framing nailers in the market. These are the pneumatic framing nailers and the cordless ones. The pneumatic kind operates via compressed air that comes from a hose. The air drives a piston, which then drives the nails into the surface. The cordless type, on the other hand, works just like the pneumatic type. However, with the cordless framing nailer, the pressure driving the piston comes from a compressed air canister inside the tool. With the cordless type, you need to replace the canisters as needed every now and then. There are pros and cons to each type, depending on the nature of your project.

Aside from choosing which type of framing nailer you need to use, you also need to orient yourself with the methods of fastening: through nailing and toe-nailing. Through nailing is the simple method of nailing – driving the nail perpendicular to the surface. Toe-nailing, however, refers to driving the nails at a certain angle as needed. You need to position the framing nailer at a certain angle to avoid splitting the wood when driving the nail into it.

And then, of course, there’s the safety gear. Just like with any power tools in the industry, you need to use safety gear when using the framing nailer. This includes hearing protection, safety glasses, and appropriate protective clothing. Think of the framing nailer as a handgun; the nails that come from the tool can be as fatal as the bullets that come from a handgun. Thus, you need to wear protective clothing and gear when using this tool.

Another important thing to remember is that you should never remove or disable the nailer’s nail tip. Some people do this as an attempt to increase the speed or driving force of the framing nailer. You should never do this, as the nail tip is just like the safety of the hand gun. Doing this increases the chances of the framing nailer misfiring.

Lastly, if and when the tool misfires, you could also be dealing with nail head jams. Should this happen, you need to refer to the operator manual of your tool to remove jammed nails. Do not take the manual for granted because you might end up hurting yourself unnecessarily if you try to remove the jammed nails on your own.